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If you have a family that has outgrown your car, you need something more spacious. You'll find a great selection of family vans and SUVs at R&R Sales, your used car dealer Sacramento CA.
Whether it's a two-row SUV or a three-row vehicle, your family will appreciate lots of wiggle room. Smart seats add ways to get more comfortable. Power seats for mom and dad are more affordable when buying used. Furthermore, SUVs now offer reclining rear seats for the back seat. You'll find that many two- and three-row SUVs have added this feature in recent years. Also, many SUVs and minivans offer middle seats that slide forward to bring a baby or toddler closer to mom. These same seats slide back to offer more legroom or easier entry to the third row. Some three-row minivans and SUVs have built-in child seats. Bigger SUVs and minivans have carseat LATCH attachments at two, three, or even four positions. In addition, SUVs and family vans have folding seats. Many can fold right into the floor, creating a large flat surface. With so much versatility, you can handle cargo as well as you handle people. 
If you are concerned about financing, you need to contact the staff at R&R Sales. We are trained to find a loan, even when a consumer has credit problems. Our loan guarantee pushes us to work harder for those with low credit scores. Our prequalification form can tell you how much financing is available to you. You can also use our loan application.
Come check out the large number of spacious family vehicles on our lot. R&R Sales is your used car dealer Sacramento CA.