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For many, bankruptcy feels like the end of the road. It becomes very hard to get a loan for a car, and this just makes it harder to earn a living. At R&R Sales, we specialize in giving consumers a second chance. You can find out more about our automotive loans just by calling us at 800-722-1341. We want to help you with financing.
Second Chances
After bankruptcy, life can be difficult with many doors shut to those who need to borrow money. That's why R&R Sales has made it a priority to find loans for those with poor credit scores. If you have been struggling to get financing for a car, talk to our helpful staff. We specialize in bad credit repair Chico CA
Get Started
It all starts with our easy online application. You can be sure that our credit process respects your privacy and will protect your vital information. Once you fill out the form, we will be in touch with you about a specific loan amount. Then you can choose your car from our inventory and drive away happy.
Credit Repair
Once you get a loan from R&R Sales, you are on your way to bad credit repair Chico CA. Many people don't realize that a car loan is actually a step toward repairing credit. As you pay on your loan, credit agencies will take note. Your credit rating will rise, and your credit offers will begin to improve. Over time, this actually repairs your credit. We've seen it happen with other customers, and we want you to benefit from this process, too.
Of course, it all comes back to the great vehicle that you can find on our lot. We offer good used cars at reasonable prices. You'll find everything from convertibles to pickup trucks. That's because our buyers are always working to ensure our lot has every type of vehicle and a wide variety of brands. You can get more features while paying less. Our Chico CA car lot is open Monday through Saturday, and our Orland car lot is open seven days a week.
If you are ready to put bankruptcy behind you, visit R&R Sales. Get started with our easy prequalification form.