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If you are concerned about the safety of yourself and your family, you can get a safer car at R&R Sales. Why not start with our on line credit application? You will also get your free credit score.
Airbags for Everyone
Ten years ago, very few cars had more than two airbags. By 2011, cars had six airbags. In the last two years, that number has grown to as many as ten in the Chevy brand. Many other brands have six, seven or eight. Ready for a safer car? Get started with an online credit application.
Better Seatbelts
Today's seatbelts are part of an electronic system that monitors the car's speed. During emergency braking, pretensioned seatbelts hold the passenger tighter. This can prevent many common injuries. If you are concerned that you can't afford a safer car, ask the loan experts at R&R Sales. We specialize in bad credit repair Chico CA.
LATCH Attachments
Modern cars feature LATCH attachments that anchor the carseat at the bottom and tether it at the top. LATCH has been shown to keep carseats more secure, protecting babies and young children better.
Whiplash Protection
Modern cars also have whiplash protection. Toyota has seats that move up with the passenger, reducing the chances of neck injuries. Many other brands have whiplash-reducing head restraints.
Crash Prevention
If the car was built by 2010, it should have traction controls. These systems work to keep the vehicle stable in high-speed or low-traction situations. 
Warning Systems
More and more cars are offering warning systems. Since we offer recent models, you can often find cars with blind spot monitors, forward collision warning, and lane alert. 
By buying from R&R Sales, you can get a safer car for less. We offer bad credit repair Chico CA.