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If you are looking for a better deal on a new car, stop and think. Is there such a thing? A used car is always less expensive at R&R Sales. You can get the features you want at a price that you can afford. Get your free credit score now.
Is it better to buy used? Well, when you go to R&R Sales it is. That's because we do a triple-check guarantee on all of our preowned certified used cars. We make sure the price can't be beat within 100 miles. It is our goal to offer the best possible pricing, meeting or exceeding our competitors for used cars Redding CA.
A used car is often a better deal than a new car because favorite features are more affordable. New car dealers use favorite features to drive prices up, forcing you to buy a higher trim level or walk away unsatisfied. Fortunately, if you want leather seats or navigation, you can find it for less on one of our used cars Redding CA. This is also great for those who need comforts like power seats and automatic thermostat control. Those who want something sporty will be happier too. That convertible or sports car may not be out of reach when purchasing it from R&R Sales. 
New car lenders have stricter rules when it comes to credit scores. Where a score might be called medium at R&R Sales, it might be called poor by a new car lender. New car dealerships use financing to drive up the final cost of the car. Let us find you a fair loan for a good used car.