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Yes, you can repair your credit. It takes time and effort, but you can do it. One way is to let R&R Sales find you an affordable loan. This will get you the ride you need and put you on the road to credit repair.
Bad credit is common. It happens for many different reasons. Medical problems, job loss, divorce and other financial setbacks can really hurt your bottom line. Once this happens, it can be tough finding a loan. Big banks and other large financial lenders often refuse to help. R&R Sales is accustomed to credit challenges. We want to be your ticket to bad credit repair Chico CA.
Overcoming the Odds
You can overcome the odds when you take a chance on a car loan at R&R Sales. Our pre-qualification process is the first step. It is straightforward and remarkably easy. Many find it fun to find out their personal qualified loan amount. With that in your pocket, you will feel ready to go shopping on one of our two lots. We have a large selection of cars in a wide price range. You'll find everything from family SUVs to commuter cars. Start online with this easy pre-qualification form
Shopping for Quality
Our loan process would be nothing without our high quality car choices. You can bet they have been triple-checked for fair price and best quality. Our triple-check guarantee also includes a car history report. With R&R Sales, you can repair your credit and drive away in a quality ride.
Find your next car and affordable financing at R&R Sales. Start on the road to bad credit repair Chico CA.