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If you are putting all of your money into a gas guzzler or a car that frequently breaks down, you are putting your money in the wrong budget categories. That money can serve you better by making affordable payments on a better car. Our large inventory and affordable financing can help you put your hard-earned money to better use. R&R Sales wants to be your used car dealer Sacramento CA.

Saving Money
How can car payments actually save you money? The better car is paying for itself by reducing overpayments in other budget categories such as repairs, fuel, and insurance. Instead of repairing a car that's about to break down again, you are making payments on a car that is steady and true. Instead of pouring money into a gas guzzling machine, you can get a car with better fuel economy. Instead of paying too much for insurance on an older car, your insurance payments could be paying for a safer, more reliable car. Of course, a better car also offers peace of mind, which is priceless.
Making A Deal
At R&R sales, we are always making deals and finding financing. It's what we do seven days a week at our Orland and Chico locations. You can get in on the action with instant pre-approval. You can get a loan today with our online application. It's time to put your money in the right budget categories with a newer car. 

A purchase from R&R Sales used car dealer Sacramento CA is a sound investment that will put your budget expenditures on the right track. Check out our inventory for today's deals.