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If you are facing a big trip, you deserve to take it in a better car. Don't waste your money on a rental. Get a newer car at R&R Sales. Here are five reasons you'll have a better vacation.
#1 Break Downs
You can avoid break downs with a newer car. Our cars have been inspected and readied for your use. You can get easy financing. It starts with a simple loan application.
#2 Better Fuel Economy
Today's cars offer really great gas mileage. You can save a bundle on your trip, which will help you make your affordable car payments. Isn't that a better investment? You'll find larger sedans and smaller SUVs that average over 30 mpg highway. At R&R Sales, our staff can help you find a great ride with budget-minded gas mileage.
#3 More Room
If you are traveling, every family member needs plenty of wiggle room. The trip will be more pleasant for everyone. Your long-legged teens may not thank you, but you'll know they are happier with room to stretch. Worried about bad credit Orland CA? You can learn more by using our simple pre-qualification form.
#4 Safer 
Older vehicles tend to lag behind on key safety equipment. If your car is older than 2011, there's a good chance that it doesn't meet today's NHTSA standards. Why not protect your loved ones with a newer car? 
#5 Better Features
Today's cars offer automatic climate controls, smartphone integration, Bluetooth hands-free phone use, and other high tech features. 

You can find a large selection of affordable cars at R&R Sales. We can help with bad credit Orland CA.