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If you are thinking about a used car Chico CA, you can use this checklist to get started.

Step One: Gas Mileage Assessment
Think about your fuel economy. Chances are that you can do much better than your current ride. Our staff will help you find an affordable vehicle that gets better gas mileage. Even if you trade a car for an SUV, you'll be surprised at how newer vehicles earn their spot in your driveway.
Step Two: Safety Assessment
Your new ride can be safer, too, which may help reduce your insurance payments. You can ask out staff about airbag counts and new safety features. How many airbags does your current vehicle have? If the answer is two or four, you really need to trade for something safer now with instant pre-approval.
Step Three: Family Size Assessment
If your family size has shrunk or grown, you'll benefit from downsizing or upsizing your ride. If kiddie carpooling is over, you don't need that family vehicle any more. You can save fuel and get a sportier ride. On the other hand, if your family has grown in number or simply grown up from child to teenager, you need more seats and more space. Our staff will help you find the best fit. You can compare many brands of the same class all in one place at R&R Sales. 
Step Four: Financing
Financing doesn't have to be hard. At R&R Sales, our motto is Yes We Can! If we can't find you a loan, we'll offer a $50 gift card as an apology. 
For your next used car Chico CA, head to R&R Sales.