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Weight the Benefits of Buying New vs Buying Used

Everyone wants a new car, but we can't all afford one. Even if we have the money, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before we make a new car purchase. From talking to our customers, here are some of the many reasons that people are buying used cars rather than new ones.

Development Costs
When you buy a new car, you are paying for the cost of its development and the cost of the automaker's advertising budget. Then you drive off the lot and the value drops considerably. Depreciation sets in as soon as you put your foot on the gas. Over three years, the value of a vehicle drops until it finally evens out about year three. If you buy used, you skip that steep value drop. You pay less and experience less depreciation. Find financing.

Insurance Costs
New cars are costly to insure. Older cars, like typical used cars, cost less to insure. If the car gets totalled, few insurers give you the true value of the car, leaving a gap between their reimbursement and your new car loan. Get pre-approved.

Special Features Costs
If you want better features, you'll pay a higher price for an upper level trim. Yet the same edition in a used car is automatically less. Those high priced amenities don't command the same margin of mark-up at a used car dealer Orland CA. That saves you money and gets you the features you want.

General Mark Up
New car dealers advertise a lower price and then pile on fees. You won't find that at R&R Sales, your used car dealer Orland CA.