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Rebound from a Wreck with a Good Used Car

After a wreck, drivers often face a painful decision. Insurers may declare it a total loss. Or, if paying for it themselves, the driver may realize that the vehicle isn't worth the repair costs. If this describes you, come to R&R Sales to get back on the road. 

In our inventory of used cars Chico CA, you'll find plenty of airbags, the latest traction controls, and other safety devices that will help you find the confidence to drive again after your wreck.

Advanced Features
It's hard to lose a car, but you may be able to get the advanced features you've been craving. Our inventory includes many late models, letting you find really fun stuff like ventilated seats and advanced dash tech. Maybe your new-to-you car will help you forget about the wreck and move on with life.

Even if you have an insurance settlement, it often doesn't cover the costs of replacement. Buying used will help you do more with the money you have. At R&R Sales, we look at you as a person and not as a credit score. Our Yes We Can policies represent a commitment to each customer. Your paycheck should be your ticket to a car loan, and we can help make that happen.

Learn More
You can get pre-approved and learn your credit score. This process also tells you the loan amount for which you qualify. It's also easy to just go for the loan. Our online application is available now.

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Don't wait to get on the road again. Visit R&R Sales for a good selection of used cars Chico CA.