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Do You Want a Manual or an Automatic Transmission?

It's a question that's been around for about 50 years: Do you want a manual or an automatic? Well, here are some things to consider as you go car shopping. As always, bring your questions to the staff at R&R Sales, your used car dealer Red Bluff CA

Benefits of a Manual Transmission
Often a manual transmission is cheaper to buy, saving you money up front. For some people, having a manual transmission is more fun. That's why it is often the transmission of choice for a sports car. Generally, the manual transmission tends to get better gas mileage, but in the last three or four years automatics have become more fuel efficient. You can find a stickshift on many smaller sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, European makes, and certain SUVs. For instance, many Jeep Wranglers have a stick shift. Get pre-approved.

Benefits of an Automatic Transmission
of course, an automatic transmission is easier to drive. Today's automatics have more gears, generally six, but older ones had only four or five. More and more, you can find automatics that offer paddle shifters on the steering wheel. If you like this feature, just ask the staff at R&R Sales where these might be in our inventory. Find financing.

Benefits of a CVT Automatic
Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) have become more and more common, particularly on Nissans and Toyotas. These have seemingly endless varieties of gears, making them potentially better than a standard automatic. 
Now that you know more, take a test drive to see which style suits you best. A variety is waiting at R&R Sales used car dealer Red Bluff CA.