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When times are tough, credit scores go down. That can make it hard to get a loan. Yet there are ways to overcome that score and get the loan you need. It just takes a stop at R&R Sales, and you may be on the road to reconditioning your bad credit Redding CA with a good used car loan. 

Step One
To recondition your credit, you need the right help. R&R Sales sees many customers who have dealt with job losses, divorces, bankruptcies, illnesses, and other problems that tanked their scores. We have learned to look beyond the score and see the person. If you have a job, there's a good chance we can find you a loan. So, your first step is to try our pre-approval process

Step Two
Once you've been pre-approved, you'll have a proposed loan amount. You can start shopping at R&R Sales. Our staff can walk you through the longer loan application or you can try it yourself online. 

Step Three
You have your loan, you pick out your car, and you drive away happy. That's when reconditioning your credit really starts. As you pay on your loan each month, the credit companies will see that you are a good risk, and your score will go up over time. This can lead to more credit opportunities as you face the future with more confidence.

Get Started
Whether you start online or in person, we encourage you to forget about the obstacles from bad credit Redding CA. At R&R Sales, you'll find a big selection and a friendly staff who is rooting for you to succeed.