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Keep the Kids Safer with Today's Safety Systems

If you have a car or SUV that's older, chances are that it doesn't meet today's tough safety standards. This may mean that you don't have the minimum of six airbags or it may mean you don't have electronic stability controls. Here's a rundown of the safety equipment you'll find on cars at R&R Sales. Use it as a checklist for your current ride.

There are six airbags on every vehicle today. Well, there may be even more. You'll find some with 7 or 8 or 10. Make sure your car has this important protection for your family.

Traction Controls
Electronics regulate braking functions, redistributing brake power to wheels that need it and reducing it where it isn't effective. This creates better traction and can save lives when roads are slick or wet. 

Good Safety Records
Some vehicles have better safety records than others. Even if your vehicle is five yeras old or less, it may not meet the minimum requirements. You can check it out with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Get pre-approved.

Whiplash Lessening Devices
More and more vehicles have whiplash-lessening headrests for the front row. Toyota sometimes has whiplash-lessening chairs. These systems can prevent this dangerous injury and keep mom and dad safer in a wreck. Apply for financing. We can help with bad credit Chico CA.

LATCH Attachments
Today's cars are required to have LATCH attachments. These anchors and tethers hold baby's carseat in place. 

Come to R&R Sales to find a safer ride for your family. Our staff will help you with bad credit Chico CA.