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Get Better Performance From a Better Car

If you aren't having any fun driving your current car, it's probably a matter of poor performance. You need to check out your options at R&R Sales where we offer the best used cars Orland CA

Many people think of horsepower when they think of performance. While that's important, it's also important to think about the size to weight ratio. To maintain speed, a smaller car doesn't need as many horses as a big car. 

The torque rate affects how quickly a vehicle can accelerate. Newer cars are often turbo-powered. Generally a turbo cranks out more torque than a standard engine. In terms of thrust, this makes a four-cylinder turbo more on par with a regular V-6, and a turbo V-6 more like a V-8. 

If you are looking for a car or SUV that's more fun to drive, look for a Sport edition. These usually have specially-tuned suspensions for a stiffer ride with just the right give.

Curve Control
Some SUVs today have trace control or curve control. This electronic feature helps the vehicle hug the turn. Basically it regulates the inner wheel speed to match the slower outer wheels. This keeps the ride smoother and allows for better handling at higher speeds.

If you want better performance, you'll find affordable options at RR Sales, home of used cars Orland CA. It's easy to get pre-approval now. You'll learn your credit score and proposed loan amount. We also invite you to fill out this easy loan application.

Don't put up with a lousy performer. Get a better car with Yes We Can financing at R&R Sales.