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Mark Your Calendar for a New-to-You Car

While you are making your holiday plans, put car shopping on your to-do list. Financing, special deals, and an up-to-date inventory are just three reasons to stop by R&R Sales for a test drive. Do some window-shopping with our online car listings.

Good Transportation
You need good transportation if you are headed across the state or halfway across the country. You can find the right car or SUV at our busy dealership. We've always got the latest models, budget buys, and everything in between. You'll find the latest safety equipment to ensure your family is protected on busy highways. You'll find great dash tech to keep you entertained. You'll find engine choices that can reduce your fuel bills. You may find top amenities like heated and ventilated seats, leather upholstery, and ambient lighting. One thing's for sure, you'll find a reliable vehicle that can take you wherever you need to go. We specialize in good used cars Chico CA.

Plenty of Choices
We want you to have fun looking for a new car. That's why we have so many different brands and styles. You can bet it is worth an hour of your time just to stop by and look around. You can take a test drive of a favorite and find out about our financing options. Even if you have bad credit, our staff can help you find the loan you need to get the car you want. During these holidays, make it a priority to give yourself the gift of better transportation. Value your trade.

For better used cars Chico CA, stop by R&R Sales for a test drive.