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R & R Sales, Inc. BBB Business Review
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ORLAND624 6th Street[530] 865-3508
Service Department:[530]865-0599

R&R Sales is a Certified Master Dealer

The used car business doesn't always have a good reputation. That's why R&R Sales staff underwent the process to become a Certified Master Dealer. We take your trust seriously, and we work to earn it. Financing is easier here, whether you have good credit or bad credit Chico CA.

R&R Sales staff had to attend extensive training to receive certification. We had to demonstrate high business standards, wise management choices, and a commitment to ethical practices. Furthermore, we had to demonstrate a proven record of stability and reliability.

As much as we focus on the customer, we focus even more on every vehicle. Each car, SUV or truck must undergo an extensive inspection and reconditioning before it can put up for sale. Our inventory represents the best in styles, sizes, and brands. It also represents our commitment to providing quality, even in our lowest-priced vehicles.

Go Shopping
You are invited to go shopping at our Orland or Chico locations. We offer recent models with special amenities like programmable thermostats, today's must-have dash tech, and leather upholstery. You can look at a Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and more all in one visit. 

Get Financing
You can get financing with this easy credit application. If you are worried about your credit score or you have bad credit Chico CA, you can use our pre-approval form and get your credit score. If you prefer the personal touch, just come into our office and we'll help you. One thing's for sure, you are more likely to find financing with our Yes We Can policies. 

Stop by today and take a test drive.