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Playing the Financing Game    

It can be hard to get a loan for a new vehicle. Many new car dealers are pushing customers to get a lease, which is more like a long-term rental with all of the fees and almost no long-term benefits. You can get a better deal with a used car purchase at R&R sales, even if you have bad credit Redding CA.

Playing the Financing Game
Getting a loan can feel like you are sitting on the bench of a losing team in a winner-takes-all tournament. The stakes are high for you, but you can't get the loan you need. You've done your best, but the umpire says you can't play. R&R Sales is willing to change the rules of the game. We can find the loan that you need, even if you have bad credit Redding CA. Our financial counselors have helped many northern Californians find financing, and they can help you, too. Get pre-approved now.

Finding the Right Car
Getting a good used car is as easy as going to one of two R&R Sales locations. Whether you head to Orland or Chico, you can find a good selection of SUVs, cars, and trucks. Our goal is to match you to the type of vehicle that you need. You may be able to afford higher trim editions since used cars are less expensive than new ones. This levels the playing field for many shoppers who want quality but can't afford the high pricetags on new cars today. Get a loan.

Find out more when you visit R&R Sales. We'll make you feel like you're on the winning team.