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Stay in Your Pajamas While You Apply for a Loan

The loan process can be daunting, but with R&R Sales financing, you can stay in your pajamas and fill out the paperwork from your bed or easy chair. Once you've done that, you'll find a terrific inventory of cars waiting for you.

Easy as 1,2,3
Many shoppers aren't ready to commit, but they do want information. For you, we have this simple pre-approval process. You fill out an easy online pre-approval form. Then with the magic of the internet and our intelligent system, you learn important things. First, you'll get your automotive credit score. You'll also get your national ranking. The system can also tell you a projected loan amount, allowing you to shop with confidence. All of this is made easier by the fact that the system doesn't ask for confidential information such as your social security number. It's just that easy, even if you have bad credit Redding CA.

Arranging a Loan
You can apply for a loan while sipping your coffee or tea. There's not much to it. The system walks you through it every step of the way. While we are fully committed to the results on our end, you don't have to be. You can walk away if it doesn't suit you. However, our yes we can policies have been known to find good loans for people with bad credit Redding Ca, and chances are we can find you a good loan too. 

So that's how we make the process easy, and you can get started now. For the real fun, however, head to our Chico or Orland locations and find a better ride.