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Put Your Load on a New-to-You Truck

If you often find yourself carrying a load or wishing you could, you need to put that loan on a new-to-you truck from R&R Sales. When it comes to used trucks Chico CA, you'll find quality and variety in our inventory. Here are some ideas to consider as you go shopping.

Business Use
If you need your truck for constant hauling, you need to know that it can perform well under pressure. You need to know its engine specifications, payload capacity, and tow rating. Our staff can help you find the best truck to meet your needs. You'll probably want a higher performance engine in a light duty truck. Another consideration is cabin cargo space, which is often achieved by folding the back seats. A third consideration is cabin size. If you know workmates will often ride along, you'll want to look for a bigger back row.

Personal Use
If you plan to use your truck to commute and just haul occasionally, you still need to know that the truck can handle your needs. When you are shopping, bring the weight information for your boat trailer or camper. You want to be sure your new-to-you truck can handle your needs. Get pre-approved.

Family Use
If you are using it for your family, there are some other things to consider. You'll want to have a second row for young children. It should have LATCH attachments for carseats. Modern trucks can be almost SUV-like in their features, making them quite comfy for your tots, tweens and teens. Value your trade.
Find better used trucks Chico CA at R&R Sales Vehicle Center.