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You've Got Choices

Sometimes shoppers expect more choices at a new car dealership than at a used car dealership. Actually the opposite is true. You may have more actual choices at R&R Sales because we are not limited to one brand per style. With all sizes of SUVs and sedans by all automakers, you never know what you will find in our inventory. 

Get Picky
You can be much pickier about your choice when you actually have two brands side by side. You may find yourself look at the Dodge Journey next to a Hyundai Tucson. You can look over a Chevy Malibu and then check out a Hyundai Sonata. Look at how their cargo holds or trunks compare. Sit in the back seats and check out legroom. Try out the driver's seat adjustments and make sure it's right for you. You don't have to run around town to do it. Just start with a visit to R&R Sales. 

Find a Deal
Carmakers drive up the price by selling higher trims at steep markups. That markup doesn't follow the car into the used car market. In other words, you can get better trims at lower prices when you are buying used. You may find a much nicer car in our used car lot than you could afford at a new car dealership. That's what we mean by good choices! Find financing now.

Leading Technologies 
You don't have to buy new to take advantage of leading dash and safety technologies. You'll find dash screens and much more in our inventory. Get the financing you need for bad credit Orland CA at R&R Sales. Try our easy loan application.