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Why Choose Us for Used Cars Redding CA?

If you are looking for used cars Redding CA, you may wonder why to choose R&R Sales. After all, there are other used car dealers around, and you can find some cars for sale by owner. What makes us different?

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau. This holds our dealership to high standards of community responsibility. We must maintain ethical practices across a broad spectrum to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase. This is just one way our dealership stays accountable to the shoppers that we serve.

Specific to the automotive industry, NIADA is a national organization that holds dealers accountable for their products and customer service. To become a NIADA Certified Master Dealer, R&R Sales staff have to be trained in better business practices and must demonstrate that these are applied daily. 

With two lots, you can bet our staff stays busy looking for the right inventory. Once we purchase vehicles, these must be thoroughly inspected and reconditioned as needed for sale. Our goal is to sell a wide variety and to ensure top quality. We truly want to make the customer happy at purchase and over the long haul. Go shopping.

Of course, buyers need loans, and R&R Sales has become good at finding loans for those who are purchasing used cars Redding CA. You can get pre-approved without harming your credit rating. In fact, this easy process has helped many people get started on the road to a new car. 

You are invited to inspect our cars and take a test drive. We are open every day to serve you better.