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Declutter Your Driveway: Cash for Cars at R&R Sales

If you have an old car cluttering your driveway, maybe you need to consider selling it. At R&R Sales, we can help. You can sell your car to us instead of letting it sit and lose value. You may be surprised at what your car can fetch in today's busy marketplace. While you are here, feel free to look around. 

Why Choose Us?
You could use the want ads, but then you'll have to worry if a stranger's check can clear the bank. You could go corporate, but big dealerships don't have an incentive to give you the best price. They deal in bulk. Our dealership is neither too small nor too big. You'll be treated as individual and you'll get a good market price for your vehicle. Our staff can tell you more about cash for cars Redding Ca.

Get Started
Many sellers just show up and ask for an appraisal. It takes about thirty minutes, and you'll have a written estimate when we're done. The offer is good for three days, but it is limited to 300 miles within that time. You can also use this simple form to get started now. We also offer this simple Kelley Blue Book onine tool.

Cash for Cars
Whatever you do, don't sell your old car or SUV until you get a written estimate from R&R Sales. When you are ready to sell, you can get a check quickly. You can be sure it will clear the bank. That's cash for whatever you need. You may even decide to trade with us. We are the place for cash for cars Redding CA.