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 Choosing the Right Truck at R&R Sales

If you want a good truck, you can save money at R&R Sales. Our dealership offers many brands of today's most sought-after pickup trucks for your home or business use. Choosing the right used trucks Redding CA is easier with our large selection

Ram and Chevy have the quietest cabins. Chevys are also the only brand to have bed steps built into the bumper. Ford claims the greatest popularity. but Ram claims the most awards. Toyotas earn the highest resale values, but Nissans claim the lowest initial cost. 

Capability varies across the spectrum of brands. Many times Ford claims the highest tow ratings but just as often, you can find a solid competitor from Toyota, Chevy and Ram. The way to find the right truck is to determine the weight of your regular loads and biggest tows. Bring that information to R&R Sales. Our staff can help match the right truck for your hauling needs.

Families may find an SUV-like cabin among the larger two-row varieties. The one-row cabins remain the least expensive, but today some will have advanced dash technology and other fun features that make you forget these are work trucks. If you want a really nice cabin, you'll favor a GMC truck or a higher edition of Ram or Ford trucks. The Toyota Tundra has the only reclining second-row seats. 

You'll find beds come in five-foot-plus, six-foot-plus and eight-foot-plus sizes. Different brands offer slightly different lengths, widths, and depths. You'll want to ask about built-in trailer hitches, damped tailgates, and built-in bed lighting. Find financing.