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 Put Your Foot on the Gas with a New Car

If you have an aging car, you may put your foot on the accelerator one day and find yourself wondering if you can make it up the hill or through the intersection. There's nothing worse than sprinting onto the highway only to find that your car isn't moving fast enough for safety. If these scenarios sound familiar, it's time for a better ride at R&R Sales.

An SUV that keeps stalling is bound to leave you stranded. On the one hand, you find yourself late to work because your car can't make it out of the driveway. On the other hand, it becomes a safety issue as soon as you start your commute. You just need to make one last trip to R&R Sales to trade up to a better vehicle. Please don't worry about bad credit Chico CA. Our Yes You Can policies are ready to help you. Learn more about our financing policies.

Better Horsepower
As cars age, their horsepower may become an issue. You can find better performing cars among our newer models. You may find a turbo that gives you V-6 power while earning four-cylinder fuel economy. It is possible to enjoy your ride more with better performance. 

Family's Flown the Coop
Maybe your big vehicle is just too big. You can size down to something more manageable now the kids are out of the house. Find something faster and more fun in our inventory. Be sure to ask about bad credit Chico CA. Regardless of your credit score, R&R Sales staff can help you find the loan you need. You can start your loan application now.