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 Choosing Between a Car and an SUV

Are you having trouble choosing between a car and an SUV? We know the feeling. There are so many choices these days that it can be hard to determine which one is for you. Here's a quick comparison to help you decide. 

Fuel Economy
In general, cars have better fuel economy. You'll want to doublecheck that on every model, comparing it to any SUV or crossover that interests you. After all, just because many cars are better at the gas pump doesn't mean every single one is. Furthermore, some SUVs are scoring in 30-plus mpg for highway fuel economy. That may make the operating costs low enough for you to consider used SUVs Chico CA.

Travel Space and Utility
A large sedan may have a 16-cu.ft. trunk. A full-size two-row SUV generally has 24 to 34 cu.ft. Ironically the biggest three-row vehicles often drop back to 18 cu.ft. Folding seats in sedans and SUVs can pick up more space when you don't need the seating. If off-roading interests you, you'll have to stick to used SUVs Chico CA with special off-roading features, skid plates, and good ground clearance. Find financing.

Don't always assume that a sport utility vehicle is bigger than a car. Large sedans are extremely spacious. Smaller crossovers can be cramped. You really have to look at each one individually. Still, SUVs generally offer better legroom and headroom. The SUV's ride height gives the driver a more commanding view of the road.

You can compare cars and SUVs side by side to see which one fits you best. A test drive is the best research at R&R Sales.