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Get a Handle on Your Bad Credit Orland CA

Bad credit isn't the end of the road for your driving experience. It is just a roadblock. It's time to seize the problem and get a handle on your bad credit Orland CA. You just need some help. You can get a helping hand at R&R Sales, your used car dealership serving Orland and Chico.

Roadblocks Can Fall Away
Sure it's hard to overcome a low credit score or a bankruptcy. But there are many success stories. You just have to believe you can do it. You have to take the first step. This may be hard to do, but it is worth it. When you take a car loan, your regular payments get report to the credit agencies. You'll see your credit score slowly rise as your diligence and hard work pays off. 

First Steps
Maybe you don't want to commit yourself yet. That's fine. You can start with the pre-approval process. Maybe it's the good news you've been waiting for. You won't know until you try. For your peace of mind, it doesn't require your social security number. Furthermore, it won't impact your credit score because it isn't a full loan application. You'll learn your score and a loan amount. Then you can find confidence to overcome bad credit Orland CA.

The Fun Part
Now comes the fun part. You just head to one of our two locations and go shopping. Talk to our staff about your credit troubles. Get the financing help you have been hoping for. Get pre-approved now