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Benefits of Buying Used Rental Cars

Rental companies have to keep a very modern fleet to attract repeat customers. As such, they don't use cars for very long. Instead they make them available to dealers like R&R Sales used car dealer Redding CA. With an ongoing supply, this helps us offer high quality used vehicles to our customers. Our goal is to offer you the durability and features you want at prices you can afford.


Namebrand rentals are some the best maintained used vehicles available. Rental companies have to make sure that the car, SUV or truck is in tip-top condition at all times. This means that oil was checked regularly and changed on time. Regular checks were made on other fluids and on the brakes. Even the most conscientious owner doesn't check their engine, tires, and systems as often as rental companies must do to stay in business. 


While many associate the four-door sedan with rentals, there are actually many SUVs, sports and trucks in rental fleets. As such, we are able to offer a broad array of vehicles. Just to demonstrate the range, you may find the Nissan Rogue SUV, the Hyundai Veloster sports car, and the Ram 1500 pickup on our lot. All of these are from well-known rental agencies, and each has been maintained more than the average vehicle. 


As a leading used car dealer Redding CA, we offer a variety of financing options for our customers. Whether your credit is A-Plus or C-minus, you can get help from our loan experts. Get pre-approved.

Check out our big selection at R&R Sales. Take a test drive and learn more about your financing options. Value your trade.