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Let's Go to the Races
For many people, it's fun to sit back and watch NASCAR and other car races on television. Many drivers dream of commanding high horsepower engines. If this describes you, you can start your search for a fun sports car at R&R Sales used car dealer Sacramento CA. There are many ways to enjoy yourself behind the wheel. We're recommending these ways for you.

Sports Car
Of course, a good sports car will take care of your need for speed. There are different levels of horsepower, even in the same model lineup. It's fun to compare the fast cars we have on the lot. You'll find different performance features and plenty of torque to help you right out of the starter's gate. Check inventory.

Premium or Luxury Car
Many premium and luxury sedans have higher horsepower. We're thinking of the four-door sports car known as the Nissan Maxima or the high-powered Dodge Charger. These affordable models can take care of a family but still give the driver plenty of fun. If you step up to a luxury label, you may find even more horses under the hood. We're talking a minimum of 300 horsepower or more. Get pre-approved.

Now many SUVs have horsepower around 185 these days, but there are always V6 and even V8 versions of popular models. If you can find one of those, you'll always be competitive in busy traffic. Ask our staff to show you how each SUV compares with the next. Looking at them side by side is a start. A test drive will tell you the most about each engine choice at R&R Sales used car dealer Sacramento Ca.