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R&R Sales Reviews the Best Incentive to Buy Used
Every car is a used car once it drives off the new car lot. That's a good incentive to buy used from the start. You can trade in your used car for a better one. Just check out the deals at R&R Sales. Our Yes We Can policies help many people with bad credit Chico CA.

A used car is a better deal for several reasons. First, depreciation levels off as the car ages. Then it maintains its value better. Basically it's a better investment because it doesn't lose worth as quickly. 

A used car doesn't cost as much to insure. As you know, insurance rates go down as a car ages. Therefore, the used car rate isn't as high as a new car rate. Check out the inventory at R&R Sales.

Fuel Economy
Used cars are still recent vehicles. This means that if you trade your 10-year-old car or SUV for a new one, you'll get better gas mileage. Just ask our staff to help you find the one that will save you money at the pump. This can reduce your costs and help pay for your car investment.

Recent vehicles have more airbags than those ten years ago. You can also find traction controls, brake assistance and other electronic stability features on your used car purchase. Our staff can tell you about the latest safety innovations on the cars at our dealership.

Saving Money 
A lower price at purchase helps keep your costs low. Even if you have bad credit Chico CA, our staff may be able to find the right loan to suit your budget. Get pre-approved.