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Save Money Every Time You Cross Town
What's it costing you to drive your old car? Poor fuel economy adds up each time you take your daily trips to work, school or stores. It's like pouring money down the drain. Instead let the money you could save be your investment in a better future. Get a more fuel efficient car from R&R Sales, even if you have bad credit Red Bluff CA.

Fuel Efficiency
If your car earns 23 mpg highway and 19 mpg city, that's the old average. Even crossovers and SUVs can earn from 25 to 35 in highway driving these days. Many are earning 23 or more in city driving. You can take a look at how much you can save by calculating your costs at the website. When gas prices climb again, you'll be ready. Meanwhile, the money you are saving will help you pay for a better vehicle. That's certainly a win/win situation.

Find a Deal
Your first step toward money-saving fuel economy is to visit R&R Sales. You can take a look at our inventory right now and see our latest deals. If you are only window shopping, just remember that the best vehicles go fast. So contact us online, call us, or come by if you see a good choice for you. 

Get a Loan
Of course, you'll want a loan. There are many places you can go to ask for one. We recommend starting here first. That's because, even if you have bad credit Red Bluff CA, we can find a loan for you. It all starts with our easy online pre-approval process.

Start saving money at the pump instead of wasting it! Buy a good used car from R&R Sales.