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ORLAND624 6th Street[530] 865-3508
Service Department:[530]865-0599
Give Us a Chance to Beat That Deal
If you are looking at a used car somewhere else, come by and give us a chance to make a better deal. You'll find a varied, ample inventory with many similar choices. You may be get a good price without having to pay more somewhere else. Even better, we have financing experts on staff to help you find a good loan, regardless of bad credit Redding CA.

Triple Check Guarantee
With our triple check guarantee, you can be sure our prices are the best they can be. We check the market within a 100-mile radius. We try to be sure that every vehicle is priced right. Since our buyers are choosing used cars to save money, we try to help ensure that they are getting the best deals they can from our stock.

Lowest Priced Cars
Another way you can get a good deal from us is to check out our lowest price inventory. It changes regularly so be sure to check back often to find the deal you want. You can look at our inventory online and see how many vehicles match your interests and your price requirements.

Financing On Tap
One thing you can't see is the number of loans we get for customers every week. This is true whether they have top credit scores or bad credit Redding CA. Your credit score shouldn't define you, and it shouldn't keep you from getting the ride you really need. As such, we have many policies in place to help you. There's probably a loan just right for you. Ask about monthly payments, down payments and other requirements. We'll find you the answers and get you that loan. Get pre-approved.