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The SUV line-up at R&R Sales offers different sizes that can suit your needs. Here's a quick comparison guide to get you ready. When you see something you like in the R&R inventory, it is time to act. Get pre-approved for a loan.
Compact vs. Small
If you go shopping these days, you may be confused about the difference between compact and small crossovers. Just a few years ago, compact crossovers didn't even exist. If your household consists of just a single person or a couple, either of these sizes is probably big enough. Compacts have very limited cargo holds, adult-sized front row seating, and limited back row seating. Small SUVs have bigger holds and bigger back seats. With our Yes You Can motto, R&R Sales can help you overcome bad credit Yuba City CA.
Midsized vs. Large
With midsized SUVs, you'll find a large cabin with a backseat spacious enough for your big teenagers. In many cases, midsized SUVs offer a third row. That makes it friendly to large families and frequent carpoolers, but it does reduce your cargo space. If you need the third row for a big family, it often pays to go up a size to an Armada, Expedition, or other big SUV. Don't let bad credit Yuba City CA stop you from seeking the ride you need for your growing family. 

You'll find a selection at R&R Sales. Get loan approval to get started now.