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With today's high prices, new cars are harder to afford than ever. Buying used is just smarter all the way around. You get a lower price, and often you can afford more of the good things that make a new ride so much fun. For good used cars Redding CA, head to R&R Sales. 
Buying used has always been the best way to save money on your transportation. It's less expensive and doesn't include the high costs of big name advertising. Since our used car dealership is independent, we don't pass dealership brand fees onto you. Everything about our pricing is based on the actual value of the vehicle. You can find a great selection in our current inventory.
Brand Focus
When buying used, you step away from being brand-focused and can be focused on the things that really matter. You can look at each vehicle on its own merits, seeing competitors side by side. The sales pressure is off because our staff has no reason to favor one vehicle over another. They can tell it like it is and let you decide which thing matters most to you. Perhaps you'll find everything you want in one great ride.
Big brand dealers don't have much incentive to help out with financing. R&R Sales sees it differently. We want to take the burden off of those with difficult car credit. By offering Yes We Can financing for used cars Redding CA, there's a way for every shopper to drive happy.