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Bad credit is just a fact of modern life. If it is affecting your transportation needs, you deserve to get help. Your credit ranking may be the tool you need to get started. You can get your credit ranking and much more with our easy online pre-approval form. Fortunately, R & R Sales has made it a priority to find loans for every customer.
Credit Ranking
Your credit score may not be the greatest ever, but your credit ranking might be okay. It's done nationally, and it can help you understand your options better. When you use our pre-approval form, you are not committing to the loan process yet. The tool gets your automotive credit score, but it does not impact your credit rating. To keep it simple, this important tool doesn't even require your social security number. When you are done with the quick form, you'll find out the information you need to move forward. This can feel very empowering. If you have questions, you just bring them to R&R Sales. We have helped many customers just like you. Dealing with bad credit Orland CA is an essential part of our business.
Financing Today
If you need a loan, you can count on help from R&R Sales. We work with many lenders and draw from years of experience to negotiate better loans for our customers. Your credit score does not have to be the end of the road with help for bad credit Orland CA.