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We see many shoppers who are trying to decide between leasing a new car or buying a used one. 
New Car Leasing Pitfalls
The reason leasing has become attractive to some shoppers is that new car dealership often use leasing deals as a come on. Often the shopper discovers there are a lot of hidden costs. There's a large down payment and sometimes a final payment at the end. Then there's the fact that you are really renting the car for three years rather than buying it. Furthermore, leased vehicles have strict mileage caps, keeping you in town when you may need a vacation. If the lease mileage cap is violated, drivers have to pay more when they turn their car in. That's money down the drain right when they need it for their next deal. Finally, new car dealerships often use leases to push buyers toward higher priced trim levels. There really is a better way. Find financing for used cars Chico CA.
Used Car Buying
You can buy a good used car with many of the same features you'll find on many new cars. Loans are easier because R&R Sales has made financing a priority. With purchase, you'll be investing in your car. You can trade it for money someday. You can't do that with a new car lease. With purchase, you can pass your car to your kids or grandkids someday. A purchase allows you to go as many miles as you want without violating the terms of a lease.

Find good used cars Chico CA at R&R Sales. Yes We Can financing can get you the loan you need.