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If you have a grandchild on the way, now's the time to trade up to a newer car. You'll want something that's safer and better equipped to handle car seats. Check out this checklist and, if your ride doesn't have these things, consider a visit to R&R Sales. We'll help you with bad credit Orland CA.
Today's vehicles, even pickup trucks, have LATCH attachments. These built-in tethers or anchors keep car seats in place. Studies have shown that these make car seats much more effective. If your current ride doesn't have LATCH, it's time to trade at R&R Sales.
If you have an older car, it may not have electronic safety controls. Without these sensors to monitor speed, braking, and brake distribution, cars often slide off the road. Don't you need something safer if your grandbaby will be on board? 
Yesterday's cars had four airbags. Today's cars have as many as ten. If you can get one with a higher airbag count, you can be sure the car is safer all around. After all, you want to be there when your grandbaby grows up and graduates from high school.
When a new baby comes, you'll want to be ready to travel. A fuel-efficient car is always a better way to get where you’re going without paying too much for the privilege. We can help you with bad credit Orland CA.
No one wants to break down on the highway with a baby in the backseat. Trade your car in for a safer, more reliable ride at R&R Sales. Our staff can help you find financing.