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ORLAND624 6th Street[530] 865-3508
Service Department:[530]865-0599

Old cars can cause constant worry. It ranges from little annoyances, like AC that won't work, to big repair bills. You can erase your worries with a quality used car or SUV from R&R Sales. Rather than wait for another problem, why not visit one of our two locations? You are sure to find a better ride.

Admitting the Problem
Has your car become a problem instead of an asset? Perhaps you never know when you are going to be stuck in your own driveway, waiting for a friend to take you to work. Or worse, you keep thinking that any day now you will be on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Then there are other problems. Door handles break. Window motors quit. It goes on, and you have to decide if the little things are even worth fixing. Why not get out from under the problem? You will certainly be putting your money to better use with R&R Sales used cars Redding CA.

Solving the Problem
It's easy to solve your transportation problems with the R&R Triple Check Guarantee. If your car is in the shop, ask a friend to be your ride. Our selection includes all types of cars, SUVs and trucks. Whether you need a modest commuter car or a big family vehicle, you can find something just right on our lot. 

Our Yes We Can financing can find you a loan even if you have bad credit. Isn't it time to get a better car? Get pre-approved today.

For quality used cars Redding CA, visit R&R Sales in Orland or Chico.