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Before your next vacation, maybe you should invest in a new vehicle. There are four practical reasons and at least one fun one that many people seek a fresh ride before a long journey. If one of these applies to your vehicle, head to R&R Sales and take a look at good used cars Red Bluff CA.

You don't want to be traveling and have a breakdown. A new-to-you car from R&R Sales is a better way to go. You can trade your old jalopy for something reliable. A good rule of thumb is to look at your repair record. When a vehicle costs more in repairs than the cost of two car payments and it won't quit breaking down, it is probably time to trade for goodused cars Red Bluff CA

Older cars don't have as many safety systems as more modern cars. These have advanced traction control systems, more airbags, and crash avoidance features. To get a safer car, get pre-approved for financing.

Fuel Economy
Do you drive a gas guzzler? Consider a trade. You can get something much more fuel efficient that is still large enough for your family.

Family Changes
Speaking of family, are you and your kids comfortable in your current ride? If they are cramped now, a long vacation journey will be a trial. You can find something bigger at a good price at R&R Sales.

If you are seeking a backtrail adventure, check out our selection of 4x4 SUVs and trucks. You'll find something safe for sand, dirt, and other tough terrain.

Enjoy a better vacation in a new-to-you car from R&R Sales.