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 If you are trying to decide between a new car and used one, consider the issue of depreciation. As Car and Driver has pointed out, depreciation is far more important to new car buyers than to used car buyers, and that's a big point in favor of purchasing a used vehicle instead of a new one. Check out the inventory at R&R Sales. Be sure to ask about bad credit Orland CA.

Depreciation Reality Check
New car buyers lose money the day they drive off the lot. Literally that very moment, insurors and Kelley Blue Book cease calling it a new car and start calling it used. There's a steep decline for insurance replacement values and for resale values. This means that the new car owner is making new car payments on a car that is worth significantly less each passing day. In fact, a new car generally loses 40 percent of its value the first year. Car and Driver also notes that used car drivers have less apprehension about their vehicles. That's because there's less concern that a ding or chip will sink the vehicle's value.
Add it Up
When you add up these factors with the cost of a new car, you can see that it is even pricier than the pricetag! A used car from R&R Sales comes with a price check guarantee that ensures it is in keeping with area prices. It won't depreciate the moment you drive away. Plus, you can get good financing from R&R Sales even if you have bad credit Orland CA.

Take a test drive of an affordable used car at R&R Sales today.