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ORLAND624 6th Street[530] 865-3508
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There are all kinds of dating services these days. Too bad there isn't one for picking out your next car? Well, for that, R&R Sales is the perfect match. The prices are affordable. The inventory offers many selections. The loan process is simple and straightforward. You can do all your shopping around in one convenient place.

We put an emphasis on affordability. We keep an eye on used car prices because we want our prices to be fair. Our large inventory allows us to keep costs down and pass the savings on to our shoppers. A list of bargains is always on our websites to help you meet your budget requirements.

Loan process
Speaking of requirements, our loan process is easier than most. That's because we put a real emphasis on serving people with bad credit Chico CA. Our financial advisors are equally good at serving those with good credit and those with poor credit. Your score can help you, but it shouldn't limit your opportunities. Our pre-approval process is super easy, and it has helped many people get a handle on their score. It also lets you know where you stand nationally. It doesn't commit you to anything. Let us help you overcome bad credit Chico CA.

With many cars and SUVs on our lot, there's sure to be a better ride for you. You can test them all out, and they won't get their feelings hurt if you choose a different one. The process is in your hands. You can even start your loan application online.
Make a date for a better car with R&R Sales.