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The car of your dreams may be within your grasp if you shop used instead of new. That's why so many shoppers turn to good used car dealers like R&R Sales. You can go bigger or afford more luxuries when you purchase a used car. You can also find help for bad credit Redding CA.

The Car of Your Dreams
Often a favorite model is too expensive for the family budget, but if you wait a few years, you can find that same car for much less. Saving money is really a simple equation. Be willing to wait for what you want, and get it for a lot less. If more people followed that trend, buyers would have more money in their pocket after purchase.Get pre-approved.

A Better Price
A used car price is almost always a better deal than buying it new. This goes beyond the lower price point. It includes depreciation. For insurance and resale purposes, a new vehicle drops in value the moment that it leaves the lot. That doesn't happen with a used car. Depreciation occurs much more slowly after three or four years. This means that the more affordable used car price is a better deal in more ways than one. Get a loan.

Better Financing Choices
R&R Sales is known for helping people with bad credit Redding CA. Our staff works hard to find a loan for every shopper. This means that, if you have a regular salary, you can overcome a low credit score and get the loan you need. 

Before you buy new, shop R&R Sales for a better deal.