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How can you get a loan for a good used car at R&R Sales? With our Buy Here Pay Here Redding CA policies, the answer is much easier than you may think. Every day we see customers who have difficulty with credit issues, and every day we see customers drive away happy.
Option One
You can start with prequalification. If you are feeling shaky about the process, it is easy to prequalify. You just fill out thissimple online form and let our system take care of the rest. You'll get your national ranking, which tells you where you stand in terms of other buyers. You'll get your credit score from the Automotive Credit Bureau. Finally, you'll get a no-strings loan amount, which is the maximum amount you could borrow. With this in hand, just come to R&R Sales. We'll help you do the rest.
Option Two
If you want to get your loan from your easy chair, that's no problem. You can fill out this simple loan request form. It takes a little longer, but the system is just as secure and private. Once you have applied, you'll get a phone call from our staff. We will help you get everything in order to secure your loan. Thanks to our Buy Here Pay Here Redding CApolicies, most people are guaranteed approval.
Option Three 
If you prefer the personal touch, we have you covered. Just come to one of our locations and talk to our helpful staff. We can show you our cars and talk to you about the financial options available to you. This is how many of our customers get started. We will walk you through every step of the loan process and explain your rights. 
All of the Above
Whichever way you choose to start, you'll find the loan you seek at R&R Sales. Then you can find the car that you need. You'll find a large inventory of choices with a wide range of prices to suit your budget. With your loan amount, you can easily zero in on the best vehicle for your daily needs.
If you want a loan, don't wait. You have three ways to get started at R&R Sales. Let our Buy Here Pay Here policies work for you.