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If your engine light or any other dash warning stays on, bring your car to R&R Sales for diagnosis and car repair Chico CA. You'll get more than a diagnostic code. You'll get service from experienced mechanics who will find the exact cause of the malfunction. Call us at 800-722-1341.
Engine Light
Your engine light can signal a clog or a malfunction that, when repaired, will prevent damage to your catalytic converter. Our diagnostic equipment will read the code, and our skilled mechanics will determine if it's a bad sensor or a mechanical break-down. 
Battery Light
If your battery light is on, it means that the part isn't holding the charge. This can cause your starter or alternator to fail. With our know-how, we can quickly tell you if this is an electrical issue or if you simply need a new battery.
Brake Light
If one of your brakes isn't working, we can replace brake pads and make other repairs to keep your family safe. 
Traction Control Light
If your traction control light is on, this may be an issue with a sensor or it may be a problem with a key component. Either way, we will find and fix the problem. If this problem is ignored, you risk an accident due to stability and traction issues.
Oil Light
If your oil light is on, you probably need an oil change right away. It could also mean a leak. Either way, driving with low oil can cause permanent damage to your engine. Don't wait. Bring your car to us for an immediate remedy. 
Always be ready, program our number (800-722-1341) into your phone. Our staff is on site from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday for a smog test or car repair Chico CA.