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Electric features are common on today's vehicles. Some operate independently, such as the motors for your electric windows. Others, such as the alternator, are vital to your car's operation. For full service car repair Orland CA, visit the service department at R&R Sales.
Common Warning Signs
If your battery light is on, turn off your AC and radio. You need to get to a safe place where you can have the car serviced. If the battery isn't charging, it will soon die, and you could end up without power in major traffic. In other cases, your car may stutter when starting, and/or you may find yourself jumping off your battery on a regular basis. These signs indicate that your battery, starter or alternator needs repair. It can save you money if you respond quickly because an unaddressed fault in one of these components can cause the others to fail as well. 
Common Repair
A skilled mechanic can determine if the wires need cleaning or replacing. Sometimes that is enough to restore the car's electrical system. A charging test can measure the alternator's output. This allows our mechanics to judge its effectiveness. Often the alternator must be replaced in order to keep the battery charged. The starter is the obvious culprit when the car won't start. It's critical to act quickly if you suspect an electrical problem or see the battery light. 
There are other electrical components in your vehicle. These include the motors that operate your locks, your HVAC fan, and your wipers. Our skilled mechanics can replace these motors and quickly return the component to full working order. 
Find the help you need at R&R Sales, your home for car repair Orland CA. Schedule your smog test.