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What's holding you back from the ride that you want? Is it a loan? At R&R  Auto Sales, we make it easy to get the loan you need. In fact, we make it easy to get your credit score, your national ranking, and loan pre-qualification quickly. The process is fast and secure. You can get answers in minutes. What are you waiting for? Get ready for a better car by securing your loan.
Filling out the form is easy because only limited information is required. For pre-qualification, you don't even need to add your social security number. For your protection, your information will be encrypted. Once you fill out a short form, you'll get the first answers that you need on the road to a new car, truck or SUV. The loan process is devised to be fair to everyone, even if you have bad car credit Chico CA.
After you fill out the form, you will receive information about the maximum loan for which you qualify. You will also get your credit ranking and your Automotive Credit Bureau Score. This inquiry will not be reflected in your credit history. You can pursue the loan when you visit our lot and take a look at our many used cars Red Bluff CA.
No Car Credit
A no credit loan Yuba City CA is no problem at R&R Sales. If you just graduated from high school or college, you may not have the credit you need to get your first loan. If you have a job, you have a very good chance of getting a no car credit loan Yuba City CA. It is our goal to do our best to get financing for you.
Bad Car Credit
For those who have bad car credit Sacramento CA, getting a loan can be a real challenge. That's where R&R Sales tries to help. We want to get you into a better ride, and we know that financing is a big hurdle. With financial advice, you can get a loan that you can afford and enjoy the benefits of owning a better car or truck. Bad car credit Sacramento CA doesn't mean that you can't get a loan. It just means that you need to ask the right people. At R&R Sales, we can offer guaranteed loan approval if you have a steady income.

No Down Payment
If you need a car, but you don't have a down payment, you need to talk to our loan specialists. We want to help you into the new ride that you need. There are many ways to structure a loan, and hopefully we can find one that suits your budget. Since bad car credit Chico CA is our speciality, you can be sure our loan advisers will treat you fairly.
Sudden Breakdown
If your car has broken down and can't be fixed for an affordable price, then you need to consider a replacement. Take the money you might use to fix your clunker and get something better. In today's busy world, it is more cost-effective to have your own car than it is to ride the bus. Personal, reliable transportation is within reach at R&R Sales. With our guaranteed loan approval, you can get started right away. Just fill out the simple form and learn how our financing process can serve your needs.

Stop by R&R Sales for loan information and great used cars Red Bluff CA. Don't wait another day for reliable transportation. We are open seven days a week to serve you.