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If you love your smartphone, you'll love newer car technologies. Recent editions have added more ways to enjoy today's connectivity. You can find a large selection of newer vehicles at R&R Sales. Financing is also available thanks to our Buy Here Pay Here Redding CA policies.
Hook Up
Even if it is simple technology, today's cars let you tap into your smart devices. Most have auxiliary input and USB connectivity. Many have true smartphone integration. Since our cars are used, it is more affordable to get the system that you want.
In most cars, connectivity starts with Bluetooth, which allows you to make and take calls. This allows you to use tab controls on the steering wheel and voice controls. After the initial sync, you never have to touch your phone or look away from the road.
Of course, you cannot text while driving, but today's systems often offer an easy texting feature. Once hooked up to your smartphone, this system will read you your texts and allow you to answer with simple replies. Some systems take that further, reading Twitter and Facebook posts.
Of course, the real fun is in the streaming Bluetooth audio. You'll find this on many newer editions on our lot. You can go for simple telematics that allow you to use your smartphone to channel music to your dash. You can go for more complex telematics that include a touchscreen. The best systems also offer their own apps. Thanks to our Buy Here Pay Here Redding CA policies, you can afford a better car.
These systems try to make it easy by offering many ways to control the system. Voice controls have become more commonplace, and, in recent editions, these systems have become easier to use. Tab controls on the steering wheel are an effective way to control your music without looking away from the traffic. Touchscreens, touch pads, and other haptic devices are often so advanced that they anticipate your requests. 
Special Features
More and more new cars offer High Definition radio. This lets you get more free stations and enjoy better quality sound. Satellite capability is included on more and more editions as well. Most cars feature CD players with an MP3-read capability for your homemade discs.
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