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Today's cars and SUVs come in many more sizes than ever before. You can get larger cabins with smaller trunks and smaller cabins with bigger trunks. Three-row SUVs come in compact, midsized and large sizes. How do you decide which size is truly right for you? It is easier at R&R Sales, used car dealer Chico CA. Our inventory is right-sized to give you a true selection.
Today's compact cars offer the convenience of easy parking and the money-saving advantage of terrific fuel economy. While they may all seem the same, they can fit different body types quite differently. On our lot, you can try out the driver's seat in a number of compacts to see which one really suits you. This can be a fun process with so many choices in one place. If you are internet shopping, we highly recommend that you stop by and literally try on each car for size. It will make you happier later if you get the one that really fits you. Get pre-qualified for a loan. It's fast and secure.
When it comes to sedans, there are three or even four sizes of each brand. This can make it tough to know which one is the optimum size for you. Again, nothing beats testing it out. Let the kids climb in the backseat. See how a carseat will fit. Bring your friends along to test how it will suit the daily carpool. Try it out with your surfboard or your sports gear. Many newer sedans have a split-fold rear seat that can make it easier to bring along your longer items. Check out our inventory.
From crossovers with good gas mileage to big SUVS that handle a family's needs, you can find a more affordable SUV at R&R Sales. Buying used allows you to get something a a little nicer and a little roomier. If you spot one on our website, don't delay. We try to keep a good selection but these sell quickly. If you have something in mind, give us a call. We can have it ready for you to test drive. Stop by R&R Sales and try on our SUVs for size.

As a large used car dealer Chico CA, R&R Sales has many choices to offer each person.