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Are you ready to make a new start? Change often starts with a new set of wheels. Whether you have been through a divorce or any other drastic change in life, a new vehicle may be just what you need. If you are looking for the best used cars Red Bluff CA, visit R&R Sales. We have two locations to serve you.
Visit Our Dealership
You can cruise for cars on the internet all day long, but test driving a car is the best way to know if a model suits you. With our large inventory, you'll have the chance to compare similar cars side by side. You can see which one has the best driver's seat for your body type. You can check out the way the car accelerates and how it takes a curve. You can play with the latest dash tech features, experimenting with steering wheel tab controls and touchscreens. You'll soon see which of our cars is right for you.
Find Financing
As part of our effort to offer everything our customers need, you can find full financing at our dealership. It starts with a simple online form that you can actually do right now. We specialize in repairing credit, which can be a big help if you've had a divorce or other crisis that has hurt your credit rating. Sometimes it is important to get a fresh start. Along with the 
best used cars Red Bluff CA, fresh starts are our specialty at R&R Sales. 

Get in Touch
If you are considering a new car, but you don't see what you want on our lot, just get in touch with us at 800-722-1341. We can satisfy your itch for a convertible or find you a great pickup for your daily work. We can help you locate the perfect sedan or SUV. You can use our online form to make your request. Our buyers specialize in meeting the needs of our customers. You can ask for color, brand, style, and features. We'll do our best to find the one that suits your needs and desires.

Please feel free to call us at 800-722-1341 or use our online operator for immediate answers. R&R Sales wants to be your full service used car dealer.