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Is it time to get a safer car? The great news is that any car built in the last few years is truly safer than an older one. If you want a safer ride, check out the inventory at R&R Sales, your used car dealer Chico CA.
Every vehicle today must have a minimum of six airbags. However, older cars have two or four. If this describes your car, you may be driving on borrowed time. A newer edition will make everyone in your car safer. There are drop-down air curtains and, in more and more cars, there are knee airbags for the driver and even the front seat passenger. You can get from six to ten airbags, depending on the model at R&R, your used car dealer Chico CA.
Traction Control
Another big difference is traction control. This allows the brakes to be applied to individual wheels for steadier stops and better curves. This speeds braking, reducing the time you need for a safe stop in an emergency. It also makes handling easier. Check your car manual. How much traction control, braking assistance, and stability management does your current ride have? If it was built before 2010, it may not have these vital features. Isn't it time for a safer ride?
Automated Assistance
If you check out the most recent editions on our lot, you'll find that they offer automated assistance. This may include adaptive cruise control, which can make active decisions about speed to keep the vehicle safer. Forward collision warning and a lane watch system can warn you to brake or straighten up before an accident can occur. The most advanced systems brake the car or tug at the wheel.
Blind Spot
A helpful blind spot mirror can be just the ticket for keeping tabs on the cars behind you. A blind spot monitor takes that even further. These systems uses electronics to watch the rear flanks and keep you informed about approaching vehicles.
While we're talking about the difference in today's cars, we should add that financing is different today than you may remember it. Thanks to places like R&R Sales there are more choices for the California consumer. If you have bad car credit, you can get help from our finance policies. Stop by or just use our online process to get pre-qualified for a loan.