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Do you know your credit score today? Getting your credit score can be a hassle, but it helps to know where you stand at this very moment. That's why R&R Sales provides our site visitors with a free credit score. There's no obligation and no hidden fee. R&R Sales wants to be part of the solution for bad credit Sacramento CA.
Your Credit Score
When you fill out our simple online form, you don't even have to reveal your social security number. This helps keep it secure. With this information, our system can reveal your automotive credit score. It can also tell you where you stand in national score rankings. This will help you understand how your score will help or hurt you when getting a loan. We can also tell you the maximum amount you qualify for. That should allow you to start shopping our inventory for something suitable. 
The Best Part
Did we mention the best part? Utilizing our free tool will not affect your score. This is a soft inquiry that doesn't involve the credit bureaus. So it can't cause your score to drop. 
Using The Information
How can you use your free score? It is an informational tool that will help you as you make decisions about the timing of your next car purchase. If your loan amount is adequate for your needs, the time is right for a visit to R&R Sales. You may find the perfect fit in our inventory.
Your Loan
If you are ready to claim a loan from R&R Sales, you can start with our loan application. Even if your credit is poor, our staff can help you find fair financing. We match people to loans every day. Bad credit Sacramento CA isn't an obstacle at R&R Sales.